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   About Us


Company Background

    Phone In Mag-Electronics Co., Ltd majored in international trading at startup, was founded in the year of 1983. Ever since, we have been specialized in magnet materials£¬microphone cartridges of both Back Electrets and condenser types¡¢dynamic and condenser microphones business. Through the efforts of all staff, we have established operations of Taipei headquarter, Hong Kong branch office, Dongguan factory, and Suzhou factory. With the provisions of quality products, competitive prices, prompt delivery and advanced research and development, we have become one of the pioneers in electro-acoustic industry. We have installed international quality systems into every aspect of our operation. In addition, we have built dust free workshop to produce condenser microphones. As for these, our dynamic microphones and condenser microphones have been proven to be the most innovative and valuable products in this electro-acoustic field.

Product Introduction

    (1) Magnet Materials: We have four categories of magnet materials, ferrite, rare-earth-magnet, rubber magnet and plastic magnet, which cover following products - isotropic ferrite, anisotropic ferrite, sliced ferrite, sm-co, sintered-ndfeb, bonded ndfeb, ainico, injection plastic magnet, isotropic and anisotropic rubber magnets, ¡­ect. These products are widely applied in the manufacturing of speaker, headphone, motor, microphone, magnetic products, magnetic switch, magnetic holder, magnet telepathy, hard disk drive, ¡­ect. Especially, we are very experienced in the assembly of magnet systems for electro-acoustic equipment.
    (2) Back Electrets/ condenser/ dynamic microphone cartridges and microphones: We have installed advanced recharge equipments of Europe and USA, and coating technology of Japan, at producing these products. The Field Effect Transistor used are from NEC, SANYO or TOSHIBA of Japan. We have equipped with the most advanced acoustics test equipments like Audio Analyzer with computer system from B&K of Denmark and Electronics-Acoustics testing system from Sunlight of Taiwan. The production line is equipped with auto selection system and standard Anechoic Chamber. The products are widely applied in professional microphone, mobile phone, digital camera, telephone, earphone, computer, recorder, audiphone, sensor, voice-controlled toy, TV broadcasting system, ¡­etc.
Future Development

    The company has been developing steadily, even under such a competition market as of today. In China, our major customers are the joint enterprises of Zhujiang delta area and Tsanjuang delta area. We also export directly to customers of Taiwan. Hong Kong, Europe and North America. With the advent of internet network, we expect to further develop our international sales channels in the near future. To creative common wealth with our customers, based on trust and honesty, has been our company principle from the outset. What we offered is not limited to electro-acoustic products, but, most important of all, we provide a trustworthy partnership to our customers that we can benefit and grow together as a whole. Like magnet materials which is inherited with unlimited imaginations, we sincerely wish both your esteemed company and us have boundless opportunities to share together - for a better, brighter life !


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